Want To Make God Laugh? Tell Him Your Plans. (Or Get Back on the Horse)

Mother Theresa was quoted once as saying, “If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.” I do not believe there is a more fitting quote to my life than that quote. I have been rather silent. I have a few reasons.

Back in October, in a quiet session of prayer a thought crossed my mind. The thought was, “Things have really been great lately. I think I’m going to peruse a few new directions in life.” I then began to think about how to plan that out. Essentially, I was telling God my plans. Plans that included another talk with the diocese about feeling the call of the diaconate. The thought went a little like this, “It’s been 17+ years of marriage and it sure doesn’t look like kids are on the horizon. Maybe it’s time to retry with the diocese and use the time and energy that would go into raising a child to helping others in our diocese and share my faith. Reaching out to those in need and using the time I have to make that reach.

Now the point of this blog is to bring the positive to a world that too often seems negative. And the diaconate is a great way to bring that positive into a negative world. Well, I was hit with a lot of either change (GREAT change) or negative items since having that thought. And yet, even with the negative items, I could hear God laughing in a positive way.

My wife and I are expecting! That is the GREAT change in our lives. We kept the news quiet given past experiences with pregnancy that haven’t been pleasant. That is the first reason for the silence. But we are past 20 plus weeks and both mom and baby are healthy.

But I used the time after we found out to head to prayer in a deeper way. I’ve never been a father before and I just figure that kid is going to need all the extra prayer he/she can get….hehe.

It was during that first trimester of time that the “radio silence” began on this blog. Once we hit Christmastime, it felt ok to share the news. I planned on sharing it the day after Christmas with friends and family. I was going to share it here. Again, I shared that thought in prayer first. I awoke in the middle of the night on the 26th with a bout of vertigo. A “debilitating” bout of vertigo according to the emergency room, doctor, and specialist trips that I made in the month that followed that first series of episodes. It is something I still feel even today at times. Although it is nothing close now to what it was like on the 26th.

Now that things have stabilized, literally as well as figuratively, it is time to get back on the horse.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you more of the positive in the world. And share with you some of the positives I discovered during my time away from this blog too.

Can you believe a little Marty is on the way. (Not sure if we are having a boy or a girl, but this was a photo I doctored years ago to make a mentor of mine laugh. Seems appropriate to add it here.)


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