Things “They” tell me. Part II

We all know who “They” are, right? “They” are the collective experts that surround you everyday. When you you want to drive your point home to a friend/spouse/co-workers you quote the brain-trust that is “They”.

When someone asks you what the weather will be like for the upcoming weekend, how often do you directly quote a weatherperson? In my little world the question, “What’s the weather going to be like this weekend?” Is always met with the responding question beginning like this, “Well, ‘They’ say it is going to…”

“They” have lots of advice to a new father-to-be. I welcome any and all advice from all sources.

Another of those pieces of advice goes like this, “You will lose all of your ‘alone’ time.”

Again, I’m not so sure about this one. Then again, my alone time is already few and far between. Or is just before I drop for the evening and am relaxing. Yet there are many great examples I can site. There is a great example of a guy who started a blog during a time in his life where he already has one child and now has another on the way. Here is the kicker, he’s already posted over 100 times. His goal is to post once a day. He’s pretty much done that.

You should check him out. Here is the address:

Or click the link:

The Daily Damien

He’s already a dad, with another on the way, and set the bar to do this. There are others that I look at regularly too. Like this one:

Or click the link:


These are just two examples of guys who found “alone” time to blog. There are many other things to do with alone time, but I look to these two as examples that the collective “They” might just have this piece of advice wrong. (And I couldn’t be happier.)

Got any other advice? Fire it back at me, I welcome it.


4 thoughts on “Things “They” tell me. Part II

  1. Confession & Eucharist & Confession & Eucharist & Confession…

    Give up on the idea of catching up on sleep but try to let your wife catch up on her’s.

    iPad 2… PoopTime — even changes Diapers!

    Make sure your kid watches Star Wars in the proper order… IV, V, VI and then stop.

  2. Alone time? What’s that? And who would want it? Things are just too quiet without my kids around. When they’re not, I feel like I’m missing my limbs. (Though I’m a BIG fan of nap time…regain my sanity, get something done, and take a nap if I’m desperate!)

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