Things “They” tell me. Part I

Over the course of the last 2-3 months I have had the opportunity to share the good news our family has to share. We are soon to be parents. When I share that news, the reaction is always smiles and congratulations. Once the “happiness dust” settles, then the real information comes out.

There is such a gratefulness in my heart for all the advice I’ve heard. I love the advice I’ve been given by all sorts of sources. I’m sure I’ll be using much of it over the coming months and years. Although there is one particular piece of advice that has me slightly nervous. (Only slightly) It goes like this, “Get as much sleep and relaxation as you can, because it all goes away once the baby comes.”

I am a guy who doesn’t sleep a lot already. From all the stories I’ve heard, I am certain this advice is solid. Yet, it only slightly gives me pause. I know there will be those nights where sleep will be that elusive beast in the jungles of life. Yet I’m looking forward to those times in the night where I’m not alone. Those times when a quiet prayer is with someone else who is having trouble sleeping. Is it wrong to look forward to that?


2 thoughts on “Things “They” tell me. Part I

  1. Yes, sleep is a very elusive thing (ahh, the nights where I’ve truly thought I was going crazy because I was so sleep deprived), but it is totally worth it. Many an hour I’ve spent in a cold, dark house in the middle of the night wishing I were snug in my warm bed! And yet, you can do lots and lots of thinking and praying during that time, as well as lots and lots of bonding with the amazing little person that you’re snuggling. It’s like it’s something you have to do in order to earn that badge of parenthood. 🙂

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