A Little Bonding Time

Two geeks of varying ages gathered this Saturday afternoon to bond. We are choosing to bond the way geeks bond using computers.

The sad news we received today was that my uncle passed away after a more than 2+ year struggle with ALS. He will be missed.

While my sister and mother make the 2 hour trip to be with the rest of our family, I’m staying behind to spend a little time with my godson/nephew. A geek in the making. At this point, I’m blogging a small blog post and he is watching YouTube videos of various Wii game secrets. He’s only stopped once or twice to watch me either working on another radio stations automation system, or to see what else I’m working one.

(I think he is a little disappointed that I’m not working on more “interesting” things on the laptop.)

Geeks of a feather flock together.

Since I’m a dad-to-be, I’m curious. How young is too young to begin true “nerd behavior”?


2 thoughts on “A Little Bonding Time

  1. If by nerd training you mean, just being yourself around the kid, I’d say any time is good. I watched Star Wars staying up with Teresa as she was an infant but the Baby Docs recommend avoiding any violent content at her age now… even Disney classics are a little too intense for her.

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