It’s Amazing How Much We Communicate In This Age

This week at work, I’m an operator.  Not in Operations, just and operator.  And it’s a very rewarding job.  Four times a year at work we have a pledge drive.  During those times many of us sit at our desks and answer pledge calls.  Listeners that care enough to show their financial support to Relevant Radio.  I get to spend the week talking with people who not only want to support the programming, but truly love it.   It’s a pat on the back from people who really listen to the product you help to put on the air.  It is the best part of the year.  (Minus the long hours.) 

Not only do we get a chance to communicate directly with our listeners, but I find we communicate more as a company.  You see many of us are up to our ears in projects and planning all year-long.  During these weeks, we try to keep our normal workload going, but often we cannot.  So we catch up on email correspondence, and standard communication. 

I guess what has occurred to me is that during this time when our listeners communicate back to us on how we are doing, we communicate a little more through email we have put off, AND with each other in the office.  Instead of just waiting for the phone to ring, we pass the time by communicating.  In between all of that my cell phone keeps ringing, my personal emails keep piling up.  Communication seems to have increased in this day and age. 

No real point to this post, except that I’m amazed at how much we can share and how quickly we can as opposed to other ages in our history where a simple note often took days to share with someone because you had to have it delivered by foot to another part of a county.


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