So the Advertisement Worked.

Today I will begin keeping a journal again on the journey we are already underway in.  Yet the The plan will be to keep a journal on the major changes to come too.  Um….like our little arrival.  We are less than one month away. 

And, according to the OB, we will be setting date for an eviction notice at next weeks visit.  The “eviction” will not happen before the due date.  Which, for now, is June 14th.

GLUP!  That’s not too far away.  There is so much to do.  I’d better get to it.  We’ve been nesting quite a bit in the last few months.  Problem is, we have to finish a few of those jobs.

Gotta run!

(AN UPDATE Posted after the original post was published.)

So I started.  I started by reading the 10 total pages of journal that encompassed the life of our last child.  It was emotional to say the least.  I expected it to be.  The last entry of that journal was my letting go/saying goodbye entry.  It was written May 18, 2009.  Two years and one day later I pick up “digital” pen again.  This time with good news.  Nearly two years from tears of sadness to tears of joy.  I wasn’t expecting that milestone.  I put a huge lump in the throat.


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