Normal 2.0. What is that?

So I have, over the course of the last 6 months taken a few breaks from this blog. Well, that stops now. Although I’ve a feeling I’m partaking in a rare event, a quiet Saturday morning, I am ready to start again. I checked a few sites that I haven’t been keeping up with and thought, “I have time. I should post a blogpost. I have had a few things happen lately.”

Let’s face it, a new kid in the home is a pretty big change. That last sentence is a an understatement. So I am sure I’ll have plenty of positive and happy thoughts to share.

Back on June 7, 2011 we welcomed Margaret Mary, we call her Maggie, into our lives. I’m still a newbie as far as this fatherhood thing goes. Until the 7th I lived by the mantra, “learn one thing everyday” and the day you stop learning is the day they put you in the ground. Well, that mantra has been fulfilled with a vengeance everyday. Now it would be near impossible to limit it to one thing a day.

To top off our pregnancy is to mention that we just completed a home renovation too. Major work on the rest of the house except for the kitchen. During that last month of pregnancy, we did the kitchen. Something I was hoping to do, but had talked myself out of it when we got to within a month of our due date. Remember how I said, “learn one thing everyday”? Well, here is one to share with any soon-to-be first-time father. Never disagree with a pregnant woman…hehe. OK, maybe that is a little too harsh. But when mom-to-be still wanted to move forward with the kitchen, we did.

As we approached the due date, we could see the perfect storm on the horizon. And, like the horizon showed, the perfect storm did hit. When we left to give birth, the kitchen was 4 newly painted walls, a floor that was yet to be put in, and a newly painted ceiling. When Maggie came home with us, it was a new kitchen. Empty, but new. I had one friend mention that it was “extreme nesting”. He was right.

I am certain it takes time to re-settle in when you bring home any newborn the first time. I am certain it takes time to re-settle in when you bring home your first newborn too. To do that and have to put everything away, into new places, just seemed to multiply my workload.

Once we were starting to get things in their place, we had the baptism. (I’m sure there will be a blogpost and photo or two coming of that event too.) Then, the cleanup. So it really doesn’t feel like we have had “normal” in our lives yet. Plus, what IS normal?

So as I have this time on a Saturday morning. I am declaring this the beginning of Normal except it looks nothing like Normal from before. So the geek in my is calling it, Normal 2.0. Since this is the upgraded normal around this house.

Normal 2.0 has so many different elements from Normal 1.0. Things like:

~Lack of any sort of sleep pattern
~A change of room name. (From “Guest” to “Baby” room.)
~The newest member of the clan. Margaret Mary.
~Lots of watching people sleep on a different cycle than yours. (Ok that is actually Normal 1.0)
~Not to mention the normal baby-cycle for a newborn.
~Fill the diaper with many multi-colored items. (I’m not talking Lego’s folks.)
~Then there’s the crying, whining, screaming…plus whatever Maggie does.

Today starts Normal 2.0. Although I don’t quite know what it will include, I’m looking forward to it with a smile and great anticipation.

What was normal 2.0 for you after a major change in life? Hmmm?


2 thoughts on “Normal 2.0. What is that?

  1. All of the above…and normal 3.0 has not come after 2 1/2 years. Daycare kind of puts you into 2.5 I guess because at least you can go to work and become somewhat normal again however the neat tidy house that we had prior to baby….has not returned at all. If I had a mate that cleaned in the slightest…ya know…picking up after ones self or something to help a bit…that would probably push us into normal 3.0 but most days I feel we are slipping back into 2.0. Did that make sense? Just wait until she learns she has an opinion. Oh boy. This is what they call the terrible two’s. I call it….hey if I say no it means something stage. And if I say yes but mean no it confuses Mommy and she gives in no matter what I mean stage. Yes…the awesome opinion phase. I can throw rocks and when mom says no….I pout and give the poo poo lip and tell her I love you more mommy stage. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Every day is a gift and I’m so glad I got the chance to be a parent. I often find myself saying things that my parents said that I said I would never say….it creeps me out.

    • Your comment makes perfect sense. And the number of times I have heard this phrase this week has me nervous, “I’d rather have 4 boys than one girl”. And I have a girl with my last name. That seems like two levels of stubborn….woah, what am I in for at age 2?

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