Things I Never Thought About Engineers Before Part I

People spend years studying engineering to be certified to design and build bridges, buildings that are safe. Safe for hundreds or even thousands of people to utilize. Safe designs withstand high winds and heavy precipitation. People that design and build these structures have my utmost respect.

Today I was looking at a diaper. Listening to noises come out of Maggie that shows she is a member of my clan. Yet with each noise came another pile of “weight” being tossed into her diaper. I am certain they designed diapers to handle a load, but it got me to thinking about the engineering that went into the design of Maggie’s diaper. May the engineers of her diapers have always calculated correctly.

When I lifted her, the pile at the bottom looked heavy. But it wasn’t a tough cleanup. Clearly not a well designed diaper. And still not a fun cleanup…hehe.

I have always wondered how it was determined how much weight a bridge can handle. As a child I asked and was jokingly told, “They build the bridge and drive trucks over it. The trucks get heavier each time they drive over it until the bridge starts to fall. Then the rebuild the bridge and know how much weight it can handle”. Even as a child I knew that was wrong. Although I am thinking the test for diapers might be something like that. If so, today was a good test, we didn’t break one, but we gave it a run.


4 thoughts on “Things I Never Thought About Engineers Before Part I

  1. Only you would think this deaply about the diaper dilema. It really is something to ponder though. Mikey was breast fed and I hear the diapers aren’t as bad as formula babies. I was pretty lucky but after real food came into the picture….wow what a difference! They need to make hazmat suits for baby’s. Not kidding.

    • Wow. I’ve a sub-par sense of smell. But I know that the smell does get “better” as time goes on.

      And I don’t mean my sense of smell. I mean the smell of the diaper seems to get funkier as the child ages.

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