We Fulfilled a Little Dream Today. (or) The Other Side Of Annoying.

Every Sunday we have this little tradition. We go to mass. Followed by grabbing lunch with my mother. It’s a nice tradition. It keeps us in touch and we share about our week and laugh a lot. For years now, there has always been a running joke. In fact, the joke extends further than even this little tradition to when I first met my wife. It involves eating at a restaurant and having that couple with the noisy, cranky kid sitting next to us.

It has been absolutely hilarious over the years. We have been the only diners at a restaurant when the next group to walk in is a family with a cranky kid. Where will they inevitably sit? Right next to us. I’ve always joked with Sue that if we ever have a child I won’t let her hold the kid in a restaurant. Because she’ll be poking the kid in the side to make them cry just to get even with all the years of being annoyed by someone elses kid. (It is a joke and nothing more.)

Well, it was bound to happen. Today it finally did. The fine folks at a national “chicken chain” had to put up with a crying, cranky kid. My little angel Maggie.

The reason it was so funny over these 17+ years was that it really only bothered Sue. Kids are kids, they are going to get loud a times. The only way to calm Maggie was to stand up and rock her back and forth. So that is what I did. I had to stand up in this restaurant and feel like the center of everyone’s looks. It truly was “the other side of annoying.”

Here was the part that intrigued me most. The other patrons didn’t seem to mind. In fact a few stopped to ask how old she was. One women even commented on how cute she was. Cute? She was screaming and still cute? (It made me really wonder if this was my child. My clan is one that can be loud. My clan is a clan that can be grumpy. But cute?)

So there I stood, holding Maggie in what I think is her favorite position. (I’ll post a photo of that position in the future if I can get the photogs permission.) Rocking back and forth to keep her calm and thinking, “I’m finally annoying others in a restaurant.” Only to have this situation be the cause to strike up conversations with those around us and receive comments on how my little one looks. You expect to get nasty, annoying, and judging looks. Instead I was pleasantly surprised. I have heard a few stories on this same situation from other parents. We’ve all been on one side or another of this situation. Let me hear your story.


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