A Quiet Moment With All The Doors Closed Got Me Thinking

This Sunday afternoon is a quiet moment. In fact the two bedroom doors are nearly closed. Only a crack to allow me to hear if someone is “rustling” in bed. This quiet moment brought a smile to my face.

Both bedroom doors are closed so Maggie and Sue can rest. (Sue really earns her nap time.) It evoked a thought in me that someday, in the future, both doors might be closed and one of the two could be mad. (I cannot tell you how much I’ve already been warned about a daughter and the fun of the teenage years.)

This thought of “things to come”. Made me smile and think about how it is important to not just look into the future, but live in the moment too. Enjoy the peace and quiet of now. And, who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of the future time when both go to their rooms in anger too. Hehe.


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