When You Are Feeling Funky…Whadda Ya Do–Part II

I’ll break this up into two sections. First any suggestions that you recommended and the second are things that I do to break up that funk.

Let’s start with suggestions people have either told me or written to me. (A lot of people that are reading this just tell me, or email me their feedback. I am grateful for the readers either way):

~I listen to some funky music… Sly, Stevie or Prince. Sometimes listenin’ to blues helps out strangely enough.
~Star Trek. Not escapism but embracism… of possibility and a brighter tomorrow.
~Read a book. (But something positive….even goofy like Dr. Suess).
~A few people mentioned reading the Bible. Although, no one mentioned a book or verse in particular. (Any thoughts, feel free to share).
~Get up extra early and watch the sun rise with only nature for a soundtrack. (I like this one, if I weren’t so lazy…hehe).
~Get together with friends.
~Talk nonsense to a kid. (I didn’t understand this one until about 3 months ago).

Now things that I do to rid that funk from my mind:

~(This one seems obvious) Stop reading blogs that are negative. (And it’s a great place for a shameless plug to read this blog too.)
~Spend some time outdoors, in the REAL sun. It may sound silly, but a little sunlight can do you a ton of good.
~Crack a joke. (Even if no one is around to laugh.)
~Crack a bad joke. (Even if you are the only one laughing. Which is most often the case with me.)
~Spend a little time with a family member(s). (Preferably one(s) that will bring a smile to your face.)
~Get some exercise.
~(Probably the silliest one I will mention, but oh so effective). Silence. I don’t care if it is just quietly sitting in a room, meditating, or praying. Silence truly can be golden. And if you can let your mind drift to a daydream…well…that is a bonus.

These are just a few, but I have so enjoyed the discussions with people about these. Feel free to keep ’em coming.


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