I’m Starting to Feel Like An Old Man: Books are Good

Let’s start by sharing that I spend much of my life working full-time in technology. Usually learning or pushing the technology to fit the needs of a radio station or network. It is one of the three parts of my true passion in life. Since I was a child I lived by that motto, “If it is a button, I must push it. If the light blinks, I must understand why”.

I’m a techy/geeky sort of guy. The kind of guy that gets the occasional invite to dinner at someone’s home only to hear, “Hey, while you are here, my computer isn’t working correctly. Could you take a look?” (Of course I do. Especially if the meal was good…hehe.)

Now that I’m a father it amazes me how I am aging. (I mean that in a good way.)

Every so often I find myself saying things that make me sound like an old man. All due to having a child. Sentences like:

“I don’t want my kid watching too much TV.”


“I don’t like that toy because it makes noise. Why do all toys have to make noise now? They didn’t when I was a kid.”

Recently one statement that made me really feel my age was…

“Why can’t I find a good collection of stories in a big book? I am just looking forward to sitting in a chair and reading some of the classic stories I grew up with to Maggie. No iPad, no laptop, certainly no TV or DVD to tell the story; just me reading it.”

I felt about 5 hairs go grey and 17 more fell right off of my head. The urge was there to pull my pants up past my bellybutton and grab a tall glass of Ensure.

Has reading become a lost art? I’m not complaining. I just want to share those great stories with a little one. And read them in a goofy voice, or voices. What is the best way to learn how not to talk with strangers? Listen to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. How do you learn how to use the resources around you? The story of the Giving Tree or Aesop’s fable of the Crow and the Pitcher of Water. The best way to learn persistence? Take a ride on a Little Train That Could.

What are some of the stories you remember from your childhood? What lessons did they teach you? I’ll share more as time goes on. I’ve been a fan of stories and fables my entire life.

Time to grab some tapioca pudding. Maybe I’ll have rice pudding today instead.


2 thoughts on “I’m Starting to Feel Like An Old Man: Books are Good

  1. Two of the best parts of my days: at naptime and bedtime I get to curl up in the rocking chair with both kids in my lap and read a story. (The kids get to choose the story from their stacks of books on their shelves…Elly chooses at naptime and Jack chooses at bedtime.) Then I tuck the kids in their beds, and I sit in the rocking chair and sing them a song. (Jack chooses the song at naptime…usually Hail, Holy Queen; and Elly chooses at bedtime…usually Immaculate Mary or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). I love reading to the kids, and they love it just as much. Now the kids enjoy telling the stories to me, too. Yup, some (but only some) of the best moments of the day.

    • Carrie,

      It really is a great part of the day. (Even when Maggie is more interested in eating the page of the book instead of reading from it). But I did find a collection of books. Two large story books. When I got home from the bookstore I found the books at I realized they are the exact one’s I had as a kid.

      A good find that Maggie will hear from for years to come. And she will read from years after that.

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