I Can’t Figure Out Why I Am Entertained By This…

Back in the early 90s I lived in a little city called Berlin, WI. It is where my radio career started. One of the giggle-invoking moments was when we would go to a restaurant called Jeff’s on the Square. It is still there and is located…well…right in the town square. (Hence the name). What always made a visit to Jeff’s giggle worthy was after you finished your meal they would ask you for dessert. Sue would always ask, what type of pies do you have? Because certain waitstaff would list off what would seem like an almost endless list of pie choices. Always ending with laughter from one or both of us. I am still not quite sure what made that funny, but it always was. I think some of it was just my own awe-inspired feeling of knowing and memorizing the names of all of the pies available.

I had not thought about Jeff’s in years. That was, until today. I am traveling today. As of right now, I am between flights. As normally happens before the flight takes off, the flight attendant went through the safety information for the plane. Then came a list that rivaled the pie list from Jeff’s on the Square.

“At this time please shut down all electronic devices. That does not mean turn them to ‘airplane mode’. Please shut them completely off. That includes:

-Cellular phones
-All versions of Nooks
-All versions of Kindles
-Laptop computers
-Notebook computers
-Notepad computers
-All other portable computing devices
-All Android devices
-mp3 Players
-Portable DVD players
-Portable CD players
-Portable Cassette players
-Portable radios.”

At first I was laughing at the general length of the list. Then I smiled, at least my industry is still making the list, albeit the last one.

Then, my geeky inner self roared. I didn’t have to shut anything down. I almost held my, um analog paper bound, BOOK up and yelled from the back of the plane, “Is it ok to use this during takeoff and landing”? Of course I didn’t. I didn’t want to wind up in Guantanamo Bay for being a smart mouth. But what an impressive list.

I still am in awe that someone can remember and rattle off a seemingly ever-changing list of items. Be that a list of pies, or electronic devices.


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