Another Milestone and the Voice of an Angel

We made it. Maggie is now 0.5 years old. (I like portraying it that way).

She turned that age just a few days ago. She celebrated it by sleeping, cooing, changing several diapers, (well she had them changed, she didn’t change them), and starting to find her voice.

I knew that one day this little girl will be sweet. She’ll become my little angel. I was listening to her cooing in the days before her 1/2 year birthday. I was thinking, her voice when cooing is just beautiful. (C’mon, I’m a dad, I am entitled to think this). She may just have an angelic singing voice.

Then I heard this.

That angelic little girl has found her voice. But that voice sounds a little demonic. It made for a funny and enjoyable little celebration.

Not to mention, it made for a very funny mass experience. When your kid makes that sort of noise during mass, people will look at you like you are raising a devil child…hehe.

Or as a friend mentioned, the devil is still an angel… Hehe.


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