2011…A Charles Dickens Year?

Charles Dickens wrote this iconic line in “A Tale of Two Cities”.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

A line that continues to go down in literary infamy. A line that also best describes my 2011 journey. This blog is written to counter the plethora of blogs that are filled with negative thoughts, disparaging political ideas, and personal claims of how horrible someone’s life is. So when you read the Dickens quote best describes my 2011, please allow me to explain.

During the first few months of 2011 I was fighting some medical issues. The largest of those was a horrible bout of vertigo. Once that vertigo seemed to lessen and go away, then a pinched nerve in my back gripped me and didn’t let go until roughly mid-June. A pinched nerve that caused issues with my hips and legs that made walking somewhat difficult.

So as you can see, that first half of the year wasn’t exactly the easiest time of my life. Yet it allowed me to do something unique. It caused me to take stock in my life as a whole. That time to take stock was important and allowed me to grow in some wonderful, to me, ways. First, I am a guy who actually struggles with anger and that leads to a language that isn’t (ahem) the most “public friendly”. (Trying to be politically correct here). So this time of reflection had me taking pause that I need to work on that anger-issue. Plus the hopes of a newborn sometime in the middle of the year meant that I should try very hard to clean up the language. I suppose you could say my want to eliminate “colorful language” was a resolution of sorts. A resolution that I am proud to say I not only have kept, but has shown itself in the last few months. When my first reaction to something going awry didn’t result in my firing off a few foul words.

Bottom line, I didn’t let that rough first year get me down.

Enter June of 2011. In particular June 7th. Spend part of the 6th in the hospital and most of the 7th too. Well, I guess you could say I was visiting, but I was there. I went in on the 6th with the only other person in my household. I came home several days later with the TWO members. Talk about taking a very rough first half of the year and turning it around to one of the best times of my life. I really wasn’t kidding about the Charles Dickens quote being so fitting.

This second half of the year has been incredible. Think about all the changes this 40 year old, married 18 year man has had to go through.

*The crying
*The whining
*The behaving like an irritated little baby
*Not to forget how little Maggie behaved

(You didn’t think that above list was newborn Maggie’s behavior did you? That was all my behavior.)

*The feeling like your memory is leaving permanently due to lack of sleep.
*The diapers holding various surprises
*The constant change. One day she is barely able to move, the next she is jumping in a jumper.
*The drool…oh my gosh…the DROOL
*The lack of sleep
*Did I mention the memory loss? Or the lack of sleep?

All those items to complain about, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Of course there are TONS of reasons this is great. But that seems like a blogpost for another time.

I’m keeping 2012 resolutions simple.

*Work on my health. (In order to avoid another first half of 2011).
*More family time.
*Not just watch, but participate in the new discoveries each day for Maggie.
*Be the daddy.
*Continue to learn more about my faith and keep growing.
*Post more on the blog. There is so much good going on, I have to be more diligent on posting what I see.

How was your year? What are your resolutions? Do you have any? (I didn’t for years.)

My first goal of the year…be one of the first blogposts of 2011 in the central time zone. Let’s see if that happens.


2 thoughts on “2011…A Charles Dickens Year?

  1. I must commend you on your cleaned up vocal language. However when I scared the tar out of you during your overnight for the satellite change you did use some colorful sign language through the window.

    Have a blessed New Year!

    • True the gesture wasn’t the most “child-friendly”. (Sheepishly grins and looks at the floor.) And my wording that night before you came in…well…let’s just say it wasn’t a step in the right direction that day. Hehe.

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