A Quick, but Great Thought While the Year Is Young.

I have to admit, and happily, that I have found a great new group of blogs to read with the start of this new year.  (Here is the best part.)  They aren’t nagging, negative, or complaining!  I am simply must share these new one’s I have recently found!  Please check out these people.  They are bringing more positive thoughts to the blogosphere.  Some blog-like “shout outs” to fellow bloggers currently on the interweb.

I do realize that there is a similar theme to many of these blogs, but I think that theme has a thread worth taking a second look.  Many of the blogs are Catholic.  Catholic = Happy.  (Allow me to clarify, TRUE Catholic = Happy.  There are a lot of blogs that are great, Catholic, but veer more negative or too political for my tastes.  There are a ton of other blogs that “claim”  Catholic, but ultimately just spread more negativity some even hate.)

Anyway, that is me on the soapbox.  Here are the blogs worth a look.  (And they all aren’t Catholic, but many are:


Not sure why this blog is titled “forh” but I am sure I will soon find out.  This is a great man who’s career has crossed my path on more than one occasion and more than one radio station.  Although he has been dealt Parkinson’s Disease, this blog is filled with how life continues on in a VERY positive way.  A way that can only be done with a positive attitude, great faith, and great sense of humor.  He just finished chronicling a huge road trip with family.  A road trip that sounded like great fun!


This young woman has blogged since 2007.  As her description says, she opened her blog to give people an inside look at a cradle Catholic returning to the church.  Of course that was after years of not attending mass.


Although Damien has only posted once this year so far, his blog is a great one to follow.  He is one of the more creative guys I’ve met.  And when he teases in his last post, “I’m still working on the set up for the next version of this blog.  it’s a pretty bold idea…”  That is code for, pay attention.  Something great is coming.


Deacon Dennis is just getting this blog started.  (Welcome to this part of the web!)  I have to throw a thumbs up to a guy who is trying his hand at blogging and gives “Random thoughts” as the first two words of his description.  (The “Uncommon thoughts” description of my blog is really more “random” than “uncommon”.)  When his second post has this line, I’m sold and signed up for more updates.  “That no matter what comes my way or happens during the year that God has it happening to bring me to a better life with Him.”  He goes on to recommend prayer.  Again, Catholic = Happy…hmmm.

Bring it on Deacon Dennis!

Let’s face it, life can sometimes feel and be messy.  It is what we do with the mess that defines our character and ultimately ourselves.

As a guy who loves to cook, I could add about five other blogs related just to food, and one to wine that I love to read.  I think I’ll leave that for another day.  Another entire blog could be, and probably will be, dedicated to the geeky blogs I read too.


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