Ever Get A Song Stuck In Your Head Because You Are Singing The Wrong Lyrics?

Let’s face it.  We all have this happen.  A song gets stuck in your head.   The worst part, you can’t rid your melon of the melody or words.  I’ve heard this referred to as an “earwig”.  I used to think this came from Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn, but I found out I was wrong on that assumption.  It actually comes from Germany.  The term, earworm, comes from the German word, Ohrwurm meaning a song or other music ‘stuck’ in someone’s head.

Anyway, enough of the language lesson.  My question in the title of this post remains.  Have you ever had an “earwig”?  I’m certain you have.  But have you ever had one because you were singing the song wrong?  Or intentionally were singing the song wrong?

Lately those “earwig” songs for me involve lyrics changing.  Most of the time, the change involves inserting my daughter’s name into the song.  It all started when I finally heard a song I haven’t ever heard in the rock I’ve been living under.  Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”.  As soon as I heard it I knew this was one of those songs destined to be an “earwig” song.  Then I began to change my little one.  Who has learned to roll over when she feels like it.  Making changing her diaper nearly a full contact sport.  While in the “fight of battle” I hear Maroon 5 for the first time.   The chorus quickly becomes:

“I’ve got the moves like Maggie

I’ve got the moves like Maggie

I’ve got the mooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooooves like Maggie.”

That only took 5 days to get out of my head.  Even typing it now I feel it digging back into the depths of my mind.  It is fine now.  Yet at 3:30 in the morning when the house returns to silent peacefulness those lyrics can make even the most sane of folks want to scream, “Get the voices out of my head!!”

But it all subsided.  I didn’t have any earwig swirling around.  Then I heard Michael Jackson singing, “Smooth Criminal”.

It…has…started…again.   HELP!!!

“Maggie are you ok?  Are you ok?  Are you ok Maggie?

Maggie are you ok?  Are you ok?  Are you ok Maggie?


You’ve been hit by.  You’ve been struck by–a smooth criminal”

(Now repeat those lyrics about 1,325,687 times or until you are screaming for it to stop.  Hehe.)


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