Pillows? What are They Good For?

Ok, I realize I haven’t posted much in January, but I aim to change that this month.  My reason is simple.  Work has required more of my time.  This past month, with some great travel.

A Friday through Wednesday that placed me in Baltimore and Washington D.C.  Which brings me to this post.  During the last month I stayed in a few hotels.  It is amazing how often this topic comes into my mind during most hotel stays.

Pillows.  (Aside from sleeping)  What are they good for?  The first room was a little higher priced then I typically pay.  So instead of a queen size bed with 2, maybe 3 pillows, I had a king size bed with 6 pillows.  6 pillows?  Really?

But, that wasn’t even the topper.  In Washington D.C. I stayed at a place that had, no kidding, 2 queen size beds in the room each with 5 regular size pillows, 2 oversize pillows and each bed also had a pillow in the shape of a cylinder 3 feet long and about 12 inches in diameter.   That is 16 pillows in one room.  16 pillows and one person.  What is a guy to do.

I often joke with my wife when I’m in a room like this that it is time to make either a pile of pillows on the floor.  Or…a pillow fort.  Well, in Washington D.C., I guess that fort would have 2 pillow pillars.

(I always knew I would hit the big time.  A pillow fort with pillars.)

But, seriously.  I hear stories of men who complain about beds having too many pillows.  What is the point?  Can someone shed some light on that one?  (I mean, besides the obvious pillow fights and forts.)


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