What I Did With My Lent (or Why I Was So Silent).

Ok, so first an explanation. I haven’t written in about 40+ days. Partly because of a time on the calendar called Lent. Lent is when some Christians observe the time prior to Easter with a sacrifice of some sort. Most “give up” something. Often that “something” is food, or TV watching. I guess you could say I did something like that. Yet it wasn’t what I had planned. I like to use Lent as a way to strengthen some aspect of my life. And use the time I would have spent on that “sacrifice” to focus more on…usually…prayer.

This year was different. Although I didn’t have a true sacrifice planned. I tried to focus on two items in my life. Focus some additional time to prayer and more time toward my family. I knew the second of these wouldn’t be an issue. With Margaret always nearby, focusing

on she and Sue weren’t going to be an issue. So I tried one more step, I actually decided to do a Lenten sacrifice. I eliminated late night TV. I use it primarily to relax. I never really watch anything of substance. Just something to watch as I wind down for the night. Instead, I read. I was able to plow through my share of books this past Lent. During this time of extra reading there was so much I learned, like:

-How to grow as a father. (I read a book dedicated to the father/daughter relationship)
-That I should not hover, but follow closely. Allowing her to take missteps.
-To love her Mom. (Not a problem there.)
-Be like a spotter for a weightlifter. Be ready to catch, but allow her to try.
-The struggle is worth the reward. (I’m really diggin’ the struggle of life, so not a problem.)
-That a professional kitchen bears a resemblance to radio stations.
-(NOT Relevant Radio, but past jobs.)
-The language behind the scenes isn’t always the best.
-The people you work with seem very seedy, but they are truly great people.
-The rest of the world looks at you like a mutant, but you work with people just like you.
-Mutants are loyal.

Focusing on family and prayer seemed to merge together. But there was plenty to learn here too. Margaret is growing like a weed in my backyard. She is literally off the charts in height. Forget wanting an WNBA player, she is going NBA. My baby’s gonna dunk like Jordan. (I’m not coming off like one of those parents who will be living vicariously through their children am I? Hehe.)

Margaret is changing each day. She did have some trouble sleeping part way through Lent though. This gave my another series of times to spend in the overnight hours with my little girl. During this time of extra focus I learned:

-There is a 3:10 am. And, in case you weren’t aware, it’s playtime.
-Quietly rocking with Daddy and counting cars as the sun rises is a lot of quiet time fun.
-The author of “Goodnight Moon” is a GENIUS! (And share’s my daughter’s name.)
-I can recite nearly the entire book from memory and have in the dark several times.
-Never try teaching the “da da” sound while feeding solid foods.

Never With a mouthful
The next "Da Da" may require a mop or a shower for you.

-Most diaper changes are easier when you have a newborn.
-Diaper changes are now a full contact sport that includes phrases like:
-“Sit still.”
-(My personal favorite) “No, no, No, NOOOOO! Get over here! Don’t you crawl away from me!”. (This statement makes me nervous for future discussions).

-Baby’s are capable of doing things most of us wouldn’t want to do:
-Laugh while licking your toes.
-Be sad, irritated, and giggly all at once. (A little tickling helps make this one possible.)
-Poop is capable of reaching the back of your head. Yet you can giggle about it, especially when someone else is changing you. (Followed by a bath.)

Finally, I was blessed to be able to end my time prior to Easter by praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet on Relevant Radio on Good Friday. It was truly a special time to pray that prayer. But my focus on the Passion was somewhat distracted. During the Chaplet we stop 5 times to take prayer requests live on the air. I am not always the best person to express emotionally what I am feeling. So it is often difficult to share those true feelings. This time wasn’t an issue. I would explain more, but here is the clip of what happened. It is a 2 minute video clip. Just hang through it and you will understand.

Good Friday Chaplet Sample


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