Teething, With a Smile

I feel the need to promise you that not every post will be “baby” or “children” related. But many will have that aspect of life to them. This post is no exception.

The point of this blog is to point out the positive in life. So much of the internet is negative. From the stories…to the social networking posts….to the news sites….to, my latest discovery of complete negativity, commenting on hotel rooms online. (I assume any type of online commenting mechanism is wrought with negativity.)

It almost seems like you need an algorithm to read comments on hotels, restaurants, and other comment places online. I had to use the idea that if the hotel had more than 150 comments and most were positive, it was a good place. I could ignore the “claims” of poor customer service and…the scariest of all claims…bedbugs. Don’t be surprised by that comment. Every single hotel I looked at had “claims” of bedbugs. Every single one. Whether the cost per night was $59 or $559. By the way, I stay at places much closer to the first and not the second number.

We, and all humans on this planet, need to smile more. We are surrounded by great things. Often we fail to see them. Not all of them are a million dollars worth of cash value, but are a billion dollars worth of “smile” value.

This is something I, personally, think of all the time. If I’m grumpy, or ticked off, I have to ask myself, “Could it be worse?” and “Could it be better?” Nearly always the answer to both of those questions is “Yes”. So I try to keep things in perspective and not overreact. Or post online my first thoughts. Because they can, and usually would, cause someone some hurt. That is my attempt at an “adult” way of looking at life.

Enter Margaret into my life. I get the same lesson from that 10 month old on an almost nightly basis. The first two teeth have made their appearance. With plenty more to come. Some, coming soon, REAL soon. She is, how shall I put it…well…haggy. (Is that a word? If not, it is now. I claim it’s creation!) She isn’t speaking. But she will look at you in a grumpy way and spew gibberish. It sounds like she is truly upset. Upset because her teeth are just aching. Her cheeks get red. There is drool everywhere. She grumbles. She is not pleased with life at that very moment.

When that happens, I think of myself. In my somewhat grumpy state. I think of many online folks, just looking for something to unload their displeasure with life, liberty, or the bump in the road on their pursuit of happiness. Then, enter Mumma or Daddy, and watch that little grumbler smile that toothless grin. Nothing but gums and two tiny teeth. Seeing that someone is close to her, makes all the glum go away. Blow a raspberry at her, and life is even better! It was the simplest of things in life that bring up her spirits. She is just looking at the world around her.

It is as if she is asking herself, “Could it be worse?” (Yes.) “Could it be better?” (Yes.) “But these two (or one) are here so life is worth a smile. So I am going to make it a goofy one.”

Everyone has one of those smiles. You know what I mean. The goofy grin. The smile that says, “I don’t care who is looking at me. I just can’t help smiling.” Try to dig that smile out this week. Or, if that is too much trouble, how about just stopping during those moments that you could pull that smile out to realize that moment you are currently in is a good one.

Now gimme that goofy grin!

Say Cheeeeeeeese!
Give me that goofy grin.

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