Unfortunate News….Yet Still….

Well (sigh) I have been putting off writing this post for awhile. But it is time. Again, the premise of this blog is to show you that the internet doesn’t have to be filled with doom, gloom, complaining, and nagging. When I started the idea of a blog I did so while trying to avoid or dismiss the reality of what would be on the horizon when you attempt a blog filled with positive thoughts. Eventually you are handed bad news, sometimes tragic. That event is no longer on the horizon, it is here.

Two posts ago I shared the great news, through a blog post called “What I Did With My Lent (or Why I Was So Silent)”. In that post I shared a video I had created when I was on the Drew Mariani Show praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and my wife called into the show to let me, and ultimately everyone else listening, that we were expecting. Since my wife shared it publicly to me that way, I made up a video of the broadcast and shared the good news with others on this blog. Because, let’s all face it, life is great…all life. And I was excited. So I shared here too.

One weekend later I was traveling for work. When I travel I try very hard to stay in touch with my wife because being away from family is always tough. It was on Divine Mercy Sunday when I called to just chat and found out things with the pregnancy weren’t looking as positive. Within the next 24 hours, we had miscarried. So we are no longer pregnant.

Truth be known, this isn’t our first miscarriage. There has been at least one other. Having travelled this road before doesn’t make it any easier. Being away from my family when this occurred didn’t help either.

So, for you cynical readers, how does one put a positive “spin” on that type of tragedy? To be honest, one doesn’t.

Yet still…although the news isn’t upbeat the support has been.

A miscarriage is something a women should never go through alone. Please allow me to rephrase that last sentence. A miscarriage is something no couple should ever go through alone. My wife went through this one alone while I traveled. The last one we went through, she and I went through alone, until we shared with people.

As we share this news with people, we find out we aren’t alone. We have found great support in family, friends, co-workers, and community members. The more people come up and share their condolences the more I realize that we are surrounded by so many people who care. We can go months, even years, without ever taking the time to realize how many lives we effect. Yet it takes one event like this to see how many people effect our lives. Sometimes you need that reminder.

The miscarriage was terrible news. There is no denying that fact. Yet still the support, care, condolences, and chats with everyone inquiring how we are helps keep the spirit up.

Thank you for sharing, caring, and being there with us on this little journey. It’s just unfortunate the outcome isn’t what we were all hoping for.


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