Daddy, The Great Corrupter? Who Knew?

First the great news, SHE IS WALKING! (I’m pretty sure in a few weeks I will be blogging this title, “OH, NO! SHE IS RUNNING!” But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.)

Of course it makes a very proud dad when you see your little one walking. And I am certain it is a day I won’t soon forget. But deep down, I was extra happy. The extra happiness stems from a small discussion we had as a family a little earlier. I am sometimes working in places that aren’t the most savory of locations. And was showing my wife a few photos of this site I was at. The exchange went something like this:

Dad: Let me show you a few pics of where I was at today.

Mom (While holding daughter): Sure

Dad: See the bugs, they aren’t alive anymore and are still hanging onto the wall.

Mom: Gross.

Dad: Yep. Now look at this one.

Mom: What are those little brown dots in that photo.

Dad: Bug Poop. (Shows next photo.)

Mom: And those dots are….

Dad (cutting off Mom): Yep…bug poop. Do you see the remote in that photo? (Scrolls to the next photo of the back of the remote.)

Dad: That’s right!! BUG POOP. (Almost singing it like an opera singer.)

Daughter, yeah that’s right Daughter: Bug Poop!

Dad (Thinks this next line, and doesn’t speak it.): Aw geez, THAT is what I had to teach her today? How to say, “bug poop”?

I am so grateful she started walking that same day. So that I will remember that day as the day she first walked instead of the day I taught her how to say, “bug poop”.

So, tell me, what things have you had your little one’s repeat without you planning on it?


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