For Every Risk, There is a Reward. For Every Reward, There is a Risk.

I have often agreed with the adage that life is risk/reward. For every reward, there is a risk you take. I continue to prove it nearly each day. Yesterday was a perfect example.

One of the current things that makes me enjoy life is playing on the floor with Margaret. Yesterday I was doing that. I was laying on my back and I picked her up. I braced her in both my hands and we played “airplane”. I made the noise of an airplane and she giggled.

When I lowered her so we were nearly nose-to-nose, she roared with laughter.

So I raised her back up and we “flew” for awhile longer. (Only 10-15 seconds.) Then I lowered her again…and again she roared.

Making Margaret laugh is such a great reward. I wanted to do it one more time. So, we “took off” again. On the approach for landing……something happened.

At that point, I learned there was a risk to this reward of her giggles. While she was “in-flight” she let out one little hiccup and then did her best fountain impression.

Baby puke rained down on my shirt, my hair, my face, and yes, in my mouth.

Weird how at that point Margaret was giggling again. So was Sue. Me, well, not so much.

For every reward, there truly is a risk. (Fortunately this risk is one I can laugh at now.)


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