Five Minute Friday–Stretch

It is time for another Five Minute Friday. You know the saying, “A dollar short and a day late”. Well, I am a day late with this one. But, better late than never.

Today’s, or rather yesterday’s, Five Minute Friday topic is “Stretch”. Here goes:

Stretch, well let’s start with my attempt to stretch this Friday event to a Saturday night. But sometimes late is better than not at all. The reason I’m slightly late with this is because I have been doing the topic a little too much. Stretching.

Between work and home I’ve been stretching the clock as much as I can to squeeze as much as I can into a day. Normally that is pace I do not mind. But lately, it is making me long for some downtime. So I just want to encourage you all to join me in slooooowwing dooooowwwwwnnnn. Spend some time smelling the roses. Hugging your kids or other loved ones. Don’t let this world speed you up so fast that stretching is all you do.

I recall my high school gym class days when I think of stretching. It is important to stretch BEFORE doing the heavy work. The stretching was to prepare you to do the hard work. It wasn’t the actual work. And the key to stretching is that you have to relax the muscles too. Otherwise you will hyper extend and that is as painful as it reads.

So remember…stretch well….but then relax. And once you are properly stretched, then get to the hard work.

Somehow just writing that helps me slow down.

(End…at 4 minutes. I figured I would end early since I got here late….hehe.)


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