Sometimes An Awkward Moment is Worth It

In life we need to smile more. Today gave me one of those opportunities. But in a rather humiliating way. Let’s lay the cards right on the table to start. My age is 41. I am not a young kid. But I am certainly not in the geriatric set. Some of my friends are 50 and are getting AARP cards in the mail. I’m still, at least, nine years from that.

Yet today, I was reminded of the fact that I am not as young as I think. Sometimes when we use last last sentence it is followed by a sentence like, “My body aches after working so hard yesterday.” Or, “I just can’t party like that anymore”. Today it was neither of those. We were at a rummage sale. I don’t go often to rummage sales, but I see the benefit in getting an entire wardrobe of clothing for a 14 month old for 25 dollars. Especially when she will be outgrowing those close within the next 6 months and need to update the lot.

So we hit a few today. There are certain recommendations I could make now, but most of it would be snarky, and come off as arrogant. But let me just offer this example as a what-not-to-do.

Allow me to set the stage, the garage we are in has clothes all around the sides. But the center of the garage is empty. Since I don’t have the patience to sort through those clothes, I push Margaret in the stroller and chat and giggle with her while Sue searches for bargains. It’s a good deal. As we do that the 4 or 5 adults running this sale continue to talk to each other. Not even bothering us. Then one of them, one of the guys, catches Margaret’s eyes and she smiles at him.

He then asks my little girl, “So are grandma and grandpa babysitting their grandson today? That’s very nice of them.”

I look around to see if any other people are in the rummage sale. No one else is. He then states, “It’s great that grandma and grandpa are taking good care of you.”

I’m pretty sure I snorted as I started laughing at the statement. But when I looked at Sue, my wife and the MOTHER of Margaret, the look on her face is indescribable. It seems to be a combination of shock, laughter, ready-to-kick-this-guys-behind, and kindness all wrapped up in one.

She kindly corrects him. I would have helped, but I could hardly squeeze words out of my mouth due to the laughter. “Um. That is our DAUGHTER.”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Kill ’em with kindness”? Well, my wife was very kind with her words. But her tone, although pleasant, made her words sound more like a phrase that wasn’t as clear and kind.

Suffice it to say, we didn’t buy anything there. And by the end of their driveway were laughing so hard that the awkward event was so worth it.


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