Five Minute Friday–Join

This weeks topic is “Join”. Here goes:

To join means to become part of something. We join all sorts of groups, gatherings, what have you. Just thinking about the word makes me think of the groups/gatherings/people I have joined with for one reason or another.

Daily I join the workforce. (And I do mean daily)

I am a member of a few organizations that reflect what I do for a living. (various broadcaster associations, Society of Broadcast Engineers, etc.)

From there I think closer to my heart.

I have been a member by birth of my immediate family. (As a stunning son and brother….hehe)

The I moved on to become as a single “entity” until I met my wife. When she “joined” we started a family of two. And lovingly stayed that way for a long time.

Now another has joined our ranks. (Little Margaret)

Which gets me to thinking about the fact that from an early age I joined a faith. A faith I continue to practice and love.

And if you love something you have joined, you wish for it to grow. For it to grow you must share about it. WHich is also why I like Five Minute Fridays! I have joined it and continue to help it grow because it is a great writing exercise and it is great to read the various ways others look at the topic.

Ask me anytime and I will share about my faith. As we all should. (For those who read this saying, “I haven’t a faith. That is silly.” To you I say no-faith is a faith and you probably share that. So my statement remains true. Gotcha.)

Finally, as a memeber of the human race, I know there are groups I didn’t “join” but just “became a part of”. But even those are groups I wish to see grow.

(Ramble ended. And this felt like a ramble…hehe.)


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday–Join

  1. I love the picture you presented of “joining” up with your wife and then having another little life join yours. Isn’t it amazing to think of all those that you will be joined with just because that happened? 🙂

    I’m glad you “joined” up with Five Minute Fridays. Isn’t it great?! Blessings!

    • Thank you suzannestock. I love Five Minute Friday’s. It keeps the mind thinking.

      You are correct, after 17 years of marriage a little one joins us. And I can’t wait to see who else that brings into our lives.

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