Five Minute Friday–Change

Five Minute Friday and the topic is “Change”. It amazes me how great the topics fit into my life. So here we go, five minutes on the clock and that is it:


Today we faced change in our lives in a new way. Nearly 19 years of marriage, 17 of those without a child with us, gave us a view of the world that focused on our small world. When we would dine out it always made me laugh when some kid would be at the table or booth near us just hollaring. Not always crying, just being well….a kid. Loud, boisterous, and having fun. Now that we have a little girl of our own, just about 15 months old, tonight we sat soundly on the other side of that dynamic.

Margaret is a friendly gal. She is happy to greet anyone that walks by the table. They are all greeted with a “Hi”. And when I say all, I do mean ALL people. The waitstaff may walk by 482 times, they hear a “Hi” nearly each time. Since we were near the door too. Those that left were sometimes sent off with a somewhat quiet, “bye”. I could tell that the older couple across from us was planning on a nice, quiet meal together. They didn’t expect to be sitting next to the next great generation of the Welcome Wagon. I could tell they were somewhat undone. Yet, somehow, I didn’t much care. For me, this is still funny. Just as funny as when we didn’t have a child.

But the fun part was the “bye” that she gave. It started off really soft. Almost a whisper. It gradually got louder and more confident. But not annoying. And this confounds me, she has a southern drawl on the word.

Since we were there a little later than normal mealtime. The point came where a large group began to leave. That meant we could overhear various goodbyes to each in their group. Each one was met by a Margaret, “bye.” Next came the louder, “Bye.” Then, when two men a good distance away from each other waved and said thier goodbye louder than most. Margaret was not going to be outdone. And my small, gentile, little, angel bellowed at the top of her lungs, “BYEEEE!!!”

Then she smiled at me as if to say, “That was a good one wasn’t it.”

It wouldn’t have been as funny if it wasn’t for the guy at our table laughing so hard that the fish he was trying to eat just about launched out of his nose….ok….that was me.

Wow, has my world changed. From an eye roll about the annoying family next to me to being that annoying family.

Man, change is good.




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