Ok, I’m Back…Really….And I have Plans.

Welcome back! At least I hope that’s what I’m writing to you.

Please allow me to explain the silence. Sometimes life looses focus. Sometimes when you construct something you place your hands on your hips, survey the progress, and think, “This job is going well…but…but…” and you wonder what comes next. Something just doesn’t feel right. But what? That was where I was in September of last year.

I enjoy blogging, but realized this blog meandered way too much. I began to have ideas for other blog pages. So I hunkered down and began a retool. Thinking, if this were a house, I would just maybe update the windows and slap some new paint on the walls. Then call it retooled. Quick and sweet right?

(Ahem) No.

To quote a very, very wise women I call my wife.

“Sure, we can replace that window. But it’s connected to the wall. We should paint the wall. And that means new or painted molding, plus what color are we going to use that works with the floor? Hey, maybe we should replace the floor? And that floor goes into the hallway. We should look at painting the hallway some new color. Plus, don’t forget about the hallway light! That light is almost antique. And speaking of antique lights, we should replace the one in the kitchen if we are going to do the floor…..etc.”

She was right! So, for my sake, please don’t read that last paragraph in a wife-nagging voice. She really was right, when she made that statement 7 or more years ago. By the way, we finally replaced that window, and more.

Which brings me to this retool of the blog. What started simple, became complex. Sort of like the house. So I hunkered down and began to work on the retool. Although I’m not finished, I thought I should discontinue the radio silence I’ve been continuing for several months now.

The basic premise of the blog will remain the same. (Please check out the new “About” page for more thorough details.)

The plan is to continue many of the posts just like before. Adding more topics, thoughts (both short and long), and technology in new ways. Technology yet to be discovered or used by myself. So even if you are thinking, “Ok, I came back, but why should I say?” I would answer it this way. I’m hoping for big things. Opening up new avenues to discuss. I’m hoping you will feel free to share right along with me. I’ve been focused a lot in life lately on being a dad. I don’t want to classify it any more than that. Otherwise I pigeonhole the blog. (I’m more than an “faithful dad”, “tech dad”, “working dad”….you get the idea. Plus…did I mention other uses of technology? Who knows what that will bring. But I’m almost sure that there will be one or two major wrecks along the way. And where else but here could you witness a technology wreck and not be in the darn thing? Think of my retool as NASCAR. Sure we all want a good race, but we brighten up when there is a crash too. Don’t we? Hehe. (Now I’ve offended my NASCAR friends. But it’s true.)

Plus, I have extra help directing this retool.

So, to quote so many of my radio friends….stay tuned.


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