It’s All About Perspective.

Here comes one of those cliche statements. Yes, life truly is all about perspective.

A recent “for instance”. This past Saturday I had a daddy luxury of changing what our house calls a “poopy diaper”. Well, if that is what we call a standard diaper, this was a POOOOOOOOOPPPYYYYYY diaper. Who knew a 7 month old could lunch that much causing her to launch so much more? It was everywhere. Plus, allow me to break a myth. Young ones do have an unpleasant smell. This one was up there. Not quite one for the ages, but close.

Not long ago I was catching up with a friend and he was talking about the first time he changed a standard diaper. A diaper by the way, that was nothing like this. He admitted to gagging, and how it was rough. This one would have had him running for a clothespin and a hazmat suit.

(Please tell me you aren’t eating while you read this blog? If so, I apologize.)

Yet there I was this daddy of two just looking down at the mess and laughing. Thinking, “That’s all you’ve got?”

You see it is all about perspective.

The night before I was sitting down to have dinner with the family. I had just finished grilling some BBQ chicken breasts with a side of baked sweet potato. It was looking to be a good meal. That was when I took the call. 7:45 at night. The station I live closest too has a transmitter site with a huge basement. This night that basement was under about 3 1/2 feet of water. Seems the sump pump walked toward the light and ended it’s functional time on earth.

As the family sat down to what I was told was a great meal, I got up and began an extended day of work. A day that lasted until 3:30 in the morning.

It was about 1 am when a few of us stood in the parking lot joking that if you stood in the front of the building, you smelled the smell of a paper mill. A smell that everyone has to smell at least once in their lifetime. Imagine smelling salts combine with rotting meat and eggs. If you walked behind the building you were rewarded with the smell of summer farmland. A mix of heat and animal waste. It was at that point I walked into the transmitter room. Sort of a safe haven from the outdoor smells.

Then I heard a voice from the basement yell, “AWWW C’MON!” Apparently the pumping of the water from the basement hit a snag. A snag that caused the water being pumped out of the basement to start to back flow into the septic tank. The smell was, well, it wasn’t a bouquet that I would ever recommend for anyone. I bailed out of the room back to the great outdoors. Not in front of the building, nor behind it, just on the side. That was when I smelled all three fantastic smells at once. It was one of those smells that you don’t just smell once, it stays in your nose for a day or two.

So as you can see…or in this case I could smell…life truly is all about perspective.

Give me 50 of those diaper cleanups any day of the week.


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