How Does Faith Play Into The Blog?

With the retool I have to be honest and share some personal hopes for the blog.

First a little background. I am a Catholic. (Don’t click the “back” button yet. Hang on.) I am not afraid to say that. I’m also not afraid to share my faith and thoughts in person. Yet I was afraid to do so online.

Although pride can be a detrimental character trait of people, it can also be a good trait if it isn’t flaunted in a way that gets you in trouble. I pride myself on a few small items. One item rather high on that list is I am blessed to have a lot of friends. And they come from varying types of faith. (Or even many that haven’t any faith.) I don’t expect to make this a full-on-all-out-fight over faith, I began to realize something in the “break” to retool. It is very difficult to talk about the positive in life without addressing some of the negative in the light that I see it in. I enjoy talking and reading how people look at things in life. Especially those that don’t see things they way I may see them.

Seemed sort of selfish to enjoy their opinions and thoughts and not share why I feel or believe what I believe.

Can that be done without trashing others thoughts? Therein lies the trick.

I’m not sure. But I hope to lead some posts from a Christian/Catholic perspective. I won’t shy away from using faith or sharing faith-like thoughts. My hope is that those that have read the blog before won’t run from the blog like my words carry the bubonic plague. I hope that instead they would at least consider that I am not an idiot. Rather the fact I base these thoughts on are not just good feelings, but often true research. Not just “Internet biased” thoughts and articles, but true research combined with what I hope is a well thought out opinion.


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