The Best Entertainment Money Can’t Buy

So we’re taking our first full family trip together. I spent this past Father’s Day driving the family 6 hours from our home. (For all the math majors that read this blog. A 6 hour trip+3 year old+8 month old+2 parents=8 hour trip). This means, for the 3 year old, less TV than most days. An issue I thought would be a bigger deal than it seems to have become.

Screen time isn’t a big issue in our house. Years ago I would have assumed the opposite would be the case.

After two days of great weather, we woke up this morning to rain. A dreary day overall. So, at the risk of sounding like an old man, this morning I sat in a rocking chair and watch it rain.

Boring rain.

Falling rain.

Seemingly never ending rain.


Booooooooorrrrriiin…. Wait, is that a duck? Hmmmm. It’s kind of cute.

Then a mother goose, I’m pretty sure no relation to the one from children’s stories, and her babies walk through the backyard.

Then I notice the clouds moving gracefully across the sky.

Next I notice some frogs hopping on the dock behind the house we are staying in. I whisper for the 3 year old to come sit on my lap.

We sat for about 25 minutes watching the frogs, ducks, geese, and 2 cranky swans moving about in the backyard. (When she asked me why the swans were so cranky, she answered her own question before I could with the words, “Probably they are mad because everyone called them ugly ducklings as they grew up. Right Dad?”)

The best entertainment money can’t buy is so often provided by God. We just have to take time to see it.

Backyard day


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