The Acorn Never Falls Far From the Tree

I know it’s cliches aren’t great to use in language.  But with each passing day I realize the truth in “the apple/nut/fruit never falls far from the tree.”

It was bath night for the girls.  I decided I would help with the 3 year old.  After washing comes playing in the tub.  She was playing, laughing, and splashing around.  Suddenly she stopped to just tell me a story.  It came out of nowhere and she was very serious as she told it to me.  That focus had me paying attention even closer than normal.

“Um. Dad.  I think the DVR is broken”, she started.

“Oh yeah, what makes you say that”, I wondered?

“Well, the screen (she makes this spitting noise like it malfunctioned) pfffft (she rolls her eyes) goofy.  So mom tried to reboot”, she answered.  My eyes just about bugged out of my head.  I really didn’t think she said “reboot”.  I must have imagined it.

So I tried to interrupt her to ask but wouldn’t let me ask, “Did you just…” I was cut off.

“No, wait”, she cut me off.  “So Mom didn’t like how it looked after reboot.  So she reboot again!  (rolls her eyes like she can’t believe it) Again!  (holds up her fingers to show me the number two) TWO TIMES!  TWO REBOOTS!  That’s why I think it’s broked.”

I finally could ask her, “Margaret, did you just say ‘reboot’?”

“Yeah.”, she looked at me like I’m an idiot for not knowing the word, “When you unplug something and count and plug it back in.  Mom did that TWO TIMES!!”

I work with equipment all day.  From radio studio gear, to transmission gear, to computers the first troubleshooting step is to ask the person you are talking with if they rebooted the item to see if the problem goes away.  A geek like me couldn’t have been more proud.  Or should I say a tree like me couldn’t have been happier with the acorn?


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