At 20 years of marriage and 40 years on the planet I would not say I had achieved much.

What I could say is that I am happily married to a wonderful wife and enjoying life. Yes, we were open to children. Adoption was a possibility we discussed, but it just didn’t look like children were going to be a part of our picture.

Then, after 20 years of marriage, along came our first little girl. Now, we have two blessings keeping our household louder, and more fun, than ever before.

This site is going to be a collection of things I see in everyday life. So often blogs are about the negative parts of life and culture. This one will focus more on the good parts of life. Not just children and the interesting parts of raising them, but all the good parts of life. If you see anything that would fit, feel free to send something to me. We all need something to bring a smile to our faces.

It seems very difficult to pigeon-hole this blog. Although humor is a part of this blog. It is also about the uplifting parts of life and the world around us. And, it should be said, I am an unashamed Catholic. So look for humor, strange parenting stories, faith moments. Sort of a hodgepodge resembling my stream of consciousness.

The photo on the main page is sort of what the base of this blog is about. Life as a husband without children has changed so dramatically it has gone from my life being all about my wife and I to focusing on the children. A merge of the driveway artwork in that picture between my daughter and my work. (I’m not telling what artwork belongs to me and what belongs to her.)

Each post will have a category assigned to it. So that, in the future, you can sort by topics that would interest you the most. Categories will include:

-Great Feelings
-Baby Stuff
-Kid Stuff
-Family Stuff
-What I Think Of When Alone
-What I Think Of When Bored
-The Unusual
-Photos and Other Media
-General Thoughts
-(More topics to come I’m sure)


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